Frequently asked questions


"What is this game all about?"

It's about combat! The vision is to create an immensely fun, competitive, skillful and, at times, infuriating game of combat.

From a design standpoint, I want to keep the game focused, performance-minded and minimalistic at heart - so it can do what it does as well as it can.

A very general list of hopes for the game are as follows...

a game where..
...there are no builds, classes, choices or restrictions aside from ones self-imposed.
...practice makes perfect, and competition is fierce - even among friends!
...a player's ability won't be limited by the number of abilities they can chose.
...not only high skill and precision players are rewarded, but also smart and intuitive ones.
...players are not bombarded with unnecessary and over-complicated game mechanics.
...emphasis is on combat first and foremost.
...every victory is as satisfying as every defeat is crushing.

"Is this an FPS or MOBA?"

It's a little of both and a lot of neither.

It's an FPS in the sense that it is first person (there is a 3rd person option as well), but it's not as frantic or instantaneous as a traditional FPS. You won't get sniped or blown up by a rocket launcher in one shot. You also have multiple stats to manage, not just health, using an arsenal of spells with various cool down periods.

It's a MOBA in the sense that it is a multiple user online battle arena, but it's not as rigid or deliberate as a traditional MOBA. There's no load outs, no classes, no different characters with varying traits. You will have all the same tools to work with as everyone else, which means wins and losses are strictly determined by player skill and stat management.

"When can I play?"

You can play now. It's in Open Alpha as we speak. Follow this link, make a forum account, then you can get a game account immediately!

What kind of game types and modes will Lightrise have?

As the game currently stands, there's two modes: Free for All and Duels. In Free for All, anyone can attack anyone at any time. In Duels, players can challenge each other, and the results are recorded on the Leaderboard (still pretty basic). More types and modes are in the fleshing-out stage now, but it is important to proof-of-concept and flesh out the basics first, before I even started to considered game modes, matchmaking and things of that nature. I think I've got some pretty interesting ideas queued up though!

How many players will a server support?

I'm aiming for 12-16 for starters. I'm using a cloud based solution for hosting to begin with, so there are limitations as far as how many messages the clients can send every second per room. It's up to me to optimize the game to the point where it's sending as few messages per client as possible without sacrificing the multi-player experience. I would rather have fewer players per room max than sacrifice the quality of play.

"What are you developing this with?"

Unity of course! Photon Cloud for the real-time multiplayer and Kii Cloud for the player data.

"What platform are you developing this for?

It will be for the PC first and foremost, and with any luck, via Steam.

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