Revamped UI

  • Posted on: 30 December 2014
  • By: DestLocke

One of those things that's been pecking at me for the past month or so is the UI. It was fantastic to start with, being able to move skills where ever you wanted freely, but as the amount of skills grew, and the complexity of the game, I realized my revolutionary UI might not be so cutting-edge afterall. I tried to implement a grid, which just lead to a big mess once you started factoring different resolutions and dynamic resizing. After fiddling with it on and off since almost the beginning of development, I realized I was going to have just gut it and start over. Starting over isn't something I enjoy doing, and in the past I've probably spent more time trying to avoid starting over than just getting the starting over over with. Lol. Anyway, sometimes trying to be different just leads you back to being the same. Still, the skillbars I designed are a bit different than you probably are used to seeing. The skills bars are merely just pin boards, which can be 1 to 10 slots long or tall. Then you just swap and shuffle skills around on the different skillbars until you have a setup you like. All in all, I think it's a UI I can live with. The chatboxes also got makeover #203. These changes will be in the next update.



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I will welcome this change. The ability to customize the UI is #1 no doubt, but it will be very helpful for the new players to not login to a jumbled mess of icons that they have to sort.

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