Game Mode: Duels

  • Posted on: 23 December 2014
  • By: DestLocke

So I've finally started implementing the back-end to support different room properties. Until this point, it was simply drop onto a map, and kill anyone you see. Which is fine - and that will remain the Free For All game mode. But, I realized that as much as I initially resisted game modes, they are necessary. In the next build, there will be a new mode, Duels. Duels will focus around 1v1 consensual battles. In a nutshell, each player will be invulnerable until a duel is agreed to, by simply looking at someone and hitting the challenge key. If that player agrees, the duel starts immediately and last until either player dies. Only these duel matches will be recorded on the world leaderboard at this time. This will give other players in the room the opportunity to watch a duel, learn from it, and call next without being harassed in the meantime.