Update of 0.7.7 status!

  • Posted on: 26 February 2015
  • By: DestLocke

Well, like I'd been saying for weeks while putting out patch after patch of mostly bug fixes and minor changes, once that phase was over (for now), I was going to hit it hard with some of the things that have been nagging me. It was time to start turning the corner with a lot of the game's systems, and really start doing some WORK.

I have lifted the hood and pretty much taken the engine out. I'm carefully thinking about directions as far as the game's mechanics and systems, and even backed myself out of a few corners I had previously painted myself into (even if by design) early on in development. One of those things, for instance, was attachable items in the avatar - sure I could do it - sub out a staff for a mace when you swing .. yeah, I could do it - and some might have wondered why I didn't do it sooner. It's just because it was pointless to do a hacky implementation of it. I needed to get in there and reassess the way the systems worked, I had to add new attributes to skills which would allow me to not only specify valid "equipment groups", but also specify which animations to play based on which group is active (i.e. 1h vs 2h weapons). This is all coming from a place where there wasn't even a concept of weapons. I also need to still add the rest of the conversion, which includes modifiers on cooldown and damage (and probably other things) on each valid equipment group per skill. The first thing that comes to mind is oh that's for melee 1h and 2h, which is true.. but it could be for other things to.. for instance, think of a set of staves, for instance, that cast faster but do less damage with the ability to switch on the fly so you could switch back and forth based on the situational.

-The camera work has been big, it feels like ions ago I did it, but it was actually only a few days ago :) I think people will really enjoy this, it's a much more.. how should I say it.. familiar feel.. I've streamlined all camera views, changed the rotational positioning of it.. a lot of a good things here.. I believe players will feel right at home.

There's also a whole host of other things; I fear some things have slide off the Live Patch notes, but a lot of stuff isn't finished yet, so that list is going to get a lot longer right near the end. I haven't even touched upon skills, but there's probably going to be at least 5 new ones, and that's if I don't get a chance to add any new spells. (I would like to do leeches among other things)

Well these changes have snowballed all over the place, to say the least. We're making amazing progress, but it's A LOT of changes. Pretty much no system has gone untouched, and as much change as you will be able to see, there's probably twice as much that you won't -- but it's all for the greater good of the game in the future. So far, I'm already prouder of this patch than the last 20 put together.

So what's the ETA? I originally would have liked tomorrow, but that's just (probably) not going to happen. Anytime after tomorrow and before mid next week. It will depend greatly on how smoothly a lot of the implementation goes in the next day or two.


First week of Open Alpha

  • Posted on: 13 January 2015
  • By: DestLocke

First of all, thanks to all of you who have given Lightrise a chance, there's no doubt it's a niche game, in a cross-section genre, and it's also Alpha, so I understand that a lot of people may look, but only a tiny fraction will touch at this stage. I get it; bookmark and come back when it's further along! That said, despite it being a tough sell at the moment, the response has been very encouraging, and I thank everyone for that.

So far the Alpha has been invaluable. In any given play session with a handful of players on, I can find and log a so many more bugs than if I were just testing by myself with multiple clients. That's the additional challenge with multiplayer - testing is harder than a single player game, so having people willing to chat about issues they are having in game is a big help. Lord knows the in-game chat has been used a ton.

Aside from the advantages from a testing perspective - open Alpha has been a lot of fun; I've met some really cool people, and also have gotten killed.. a lot. The game is definitely intensely skill-based, because there are already people who can dust me like a coffee table. That's what I was going for, so mission accomplished there - so far.

IndieDB has featured our game on their front page, which has been amazing, and has gotten us a lot of "looks", which is great for exposure now and down the line. We're at our highest ranking ever right now @ 17. I took a screenshot of it, while it lasts! :)

Anyway, this is my first time really throwing a PC specific title out there for the world to judge, and it's been a very positive experience so far. I don't know if that means I did it right, or I just did right by the niche I was going for. Either way, the overwhelming majority of comments and feedback have been very positive, and that's exciting!

Stay tuned for more!

Game Mode: Duels

  • Posted on: 23 December 2014
  • By: DestLocke

So I've finally started implementing the back-end to support different room properties. Until this point, it was simply drop onto a map, and kill anyone you see. Which is fine - and that will remain the Free For All game mode. But, I realized that as much as I initially resisted game modes, they are necessary. In the next build, there will be a new mode, Duels. Duels will focus around 1v1 consensual battles. In a nutshell, each player will be invulnerable until a duel is agreed to, by simply looking at someone and hitting the challenge key. If that player agrees, the duel starts immediately and last until either player dies. Only these duel matches will be recorded on the world leaderboard at this time. This will give other players in the room the opportunity to watch a duel, learn from it, and call next without being harassed in the meantime.

Happy Holidays

  • Posted on: 20 December 2014
  • By: DestLocke

Today marks the 2 month anniversary of starting this project from scratch. Yikes. I think it's important to take a look back from time to time; because in addition to being pretty amusing, it certainly illustrates how far it's come in a very literal way.

The first picture is of the last build before deciding to start over (instead of using a project off github as a starting point):

The second is of the current build:

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!

Fully customizable avatars on the way

  • Posted on: 13 December 2014
  • By: DestLocke

We finally established a workflow between 3dsmax and Unity as far as being able to couple meshes on a model for different body parts and ornaments without breaking something else; this will go a long way in providing a way for players to individualize themselves down the road. This opens the door to new models as well.

I've also been working on lots of bugs, changes, additions and optimizations. It's getting there.

Pictured is the first test alteration of the hood.

New UI in the works

  • Posted on: 4 December 2014
  • By: DestLocke

Trying to get some new UI in before Playtests this weekend. Still a work in progress, but here's a sneak peak.

My programmer-art UI up until now, however adequate, of course at some point needs to be redone completely by an actual competent artist.

That artist would be my brother! I like the direction he's going with it, although the keyboard binding indicates still need some work. (don't worry, they are toggle-able as well if you don't need the reminders)

Playtest #1

  • Posted on: 17 November 2014
  • By: DestLocke

I held a very small play test last weekend; it was literally the inaugural test of... well everything. I hammered away all day on that Saturday trying to get to the point of "playable". This was not easy to achieve when "playable" can be VERY subjective! Around 11pm I finally got a few of people (my clan basically) to log in and give it a whirl.

The result:
It was actually pretty fun! Of course knock-ups "stopped" working, spells didn't do damage at times, bugged chat window eventually brought everyone to 1fps, and other weird annoying netoworky type things occurred, but other than that plus too much mana usage overall (and the fact that stamina didn't really have much of a purpose) .. and when knockups did work they would shoot people WAAY into the air at times..

Even so, fun was had. Everyone said it felt smooth and movement was pretty spot on for the most part... it actually even felt competitive. As encouraging as it was to see it working fairly well and get some good feedback, it was nothing more than a limited proof of concept from the combat perspective.

I included one pic from the test for historical purposes.

Back to work,